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Heavenly Organics™ Sweetened Condensed Milk

Rare Organic Purity

Our Sweetened Condensed Milk owes its richness to herds of cows in India that lead a heavenly life on land untouched by fertilizers and pesticides, far from cities and industries.

The cows roam freely over large fertile areas that are ecologically pure, grazing on a wide variety of foliage, including herbs and flowers growing in soils that are rich in mineral content.

The high quality Certified 100% Organic milk produced by these cows is then condensed and sweetened with organic cane sugar.

Every stage of this process—the cows, the dairy, and the condensing facility—are certified organic by Ecocert in accordance with the U.S.D.A organic standards.

Cow-Friendly, 100% Organic, Free-Range, Great-Tasting (14oz. cans)
(case/twelve 14 oz. cans)
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Higher Nutritional Value

Studies have shown that free-range, grass-fed cows have milk higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, which are correlated with reduced risk of some types of cancer. Also, the proteins in our condensed milk are fully intact and not burnt as they often are in other condensed milk products.

Remarkably Rich and Creamy Flavor

The result of all these elements taken together is a rich, creamy, and organic sweetened condensed milk of superb quality.

People often say: “This condensed milk tastes like honey.” and, “you can taste the delicious creamy flavor of the milk”.

We believe that the smooth, creamy, honey like taste is due to the loving and respectful way we treat our cows, and the careful way we prepare our condensed milk.

Cow-Friendly Practices

For many centuries, the dairy farmers in this region have maintained a tradition of treating cows reverently and lovingly, as if part of their family.

Our farmers do not separate the calves from their mothers at birth. And unlike most dairy herds throughout the world, the cows, as well as the male and female calves that are born from these cows, are allowed to peacefully live out their full life span.

This sweet and nutritious condensed milk is the rare and sacred gift of our heavenly cows to all the customers who support their heavenly lifestyle.